Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Provost, AB

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5th Annual Built Right Bull Sale

Pedersen Livestock :: website
WJ Simmentals & Big Johnson Charolais :: website

Built Right Bull Sale on Facebook

1 pm at Provost Livestock Exchange, Provost, AB

Sale Online: DLMS.ca
Check for Video on websites & Facebook

On Offer:
93 Black Angus, Simmental & Charolais Bulls


Auctioneer Jerry Hewson

83 Yearling Bulls Averaged $5,682

28 Angus Yearling Bulls Avg: $5,530

Black Angus High Sellers
PED 412E - $17,000 to Clifford Land & Cattle Chauvin, Alberta
PED 407E- $9,250 to Clifford Land & Cattle and WJ Simmentals

27 Charolais Yearling Bulls Avg: $5,664

Charolais High Sellers
WJS 28E - $17,000 to Doug Paulgaard, Provost, Alberta
WJS 39E- $8,500 to Wayne Trennery, Provost, Alberta

28 Yearling Simmental Bulls Avg: $5,852

Simmental High Sellers
WJS 70E - $11,000 to Todd Ranches, Amisk, Alberta
WJS 81E - $10,000 to XXX Farms, Paradise Valley, Alberta

AngusWebMail e-Catalogue